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  • Frozen Vegetable Market Introduction

    Frozen Vegetable Market Introduction

    Date: 2019/03/14 | Categories: Blogs

    Frozen vegetables, as one kind of frozen food, are fresh vegetables like tomatoes, green beans, cucumber and etc. processed at as low a temperature as is possible with fast freezing speed for storage ...
  • Vegetable Powder Processing Introductio

    Vegetable Powder Processing Introductio

    Date: 2019/03/13 | Categories: Blogs

    The vegetable powder is a good nutrient supplement for all ages,  such as the young and the old who have difficulties chewing vegetables with their tooth, children who don’t like eating vegetables, t ...
  • Burdock Root Health Benefit Introduction

    Burdock Root Health Benefit Introduction

    Date: 2018/11/01 | Categories: Blogs

    Botanical Name: Arctium lappa Traditionally used as a blood purifier, burdock is one of the best detox herbs, great for cleaning waste out of the body and skin disorders. Burdock is one of the foremo ...

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