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Automatic Horizontal Wax Gourd Peeling Machine

TweetShareSharePin0 Shares Automatic Horizontal Wax Gourd Peeling Machine is used to peel white gourd, melon and pumpkin, which have bulk mass and thin skin. it only takes 4-5secon ...
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Automatic Horizontal Wax Gourd Peeling Machine is used to peel white gourd, melon and pumpkin, which have bulk mass and thin skin. it only takes 4-5seconds to process one wax gourd or pumpkin, each hour can process 6-9ton, This Gourd Peeling Machine save a lot of labor and time cost. Now, This Horizontal Gourd Peeling Machine has been widely used in restaurants and big factories.

Working Principle of Horizontal Wax Gourd Pumpkin Peeling Machine

this machine mainly consists a few parts: machine body, V-shape conveyor, peeling knife and peeling motor.when working, one worker puts the winter gourd into V-shape conveyor, which will send the winter gourd forward, when meeting peeling knives, only 4-5 seconds, one winter gourd can be peeled. the other worker discharge the winter gourd at the other side. with easy operation and high capacity, the machine is necessary in wax gourd and pumpkin peeling.


Feature of Wax Gourd Pumpkin Peeling Machine

1. Scientific structure

Horizontal and V-shaped, prevent products run around

2. High quality

Made of high quality stainless steel, healthy and safe

3. High capacity

continuous production, Only 2 workers needed for feeding and discharging

4. High peeling rate

Peeling speed is only 4-5s per pieces, peeling rate is more than 95%

5. thickness Adjustable

Uniform peeling thickness, and thickness is adjustable as you like

Specification of Wax Gourd Pumpkin Peeling Machine

Model RM-HVP45
capacity 6-9ton/h
Power 2.2kw
Weight 350kg
Size 2780*820*1500mm

Working Video of Wax Gourd Peeling Machine

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