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Automatic Black Garlic Fermenter Machine

Automatic black garlic fermenter machine is a device designed to make black garlic through a controlled fermentation process. The machine typically consists of a temperature-contr ...
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Automatic black garlic fermenter machine is a device designed to make black garlic through a controlled fermentation process. The machine typically consists of a temperature-controlled chamber, a humidity-control system, and a timer. It allows you to make black garlic easily and efficiently without the need for any manual intervention with in 20 days fermentation process.

The process of making black garlic involves exposing fresh garlic bulbs to high humidity and temperatures for an extended period, typically around 2-3 weeks. During this time, the garlic undergoes a chemical reaction called the Maillard reaction, which transforms the garlic’s sugars and amino acids into a rich, sweet, and earthy flavor profile.

An automatic black garlic fermenter machine controls the humidity and temperature within the chamber, providing optimal conditions for the garlic to ferment. The machine also typically has a timer, allowing you to set the duration of the fermentation process to your desired length. They are a convenient and efficient way to make black garlic, and they eliminate the need for traditional, time-consuming fermentation methods.


Black Garlic Fermenter Machine in Factory




How to Storage Black Garlic after Fermenter Machine


Get black garlic and put black garlic in crate which has many whole around, so the black garlic can continue dry under normal environment and avoid high temperature store in the black garlic. The black garlic storage warehouse should keep clean and low moisture (which can add dehumidifier machine to keep that environment)

The black garlic should not put on ground directly, recommend function to put one support to avoid container touch ground.


How to Pack Black Garlic for Sale


Generally. Black Garlic is packed in bottle and sealed with the following bottle canning machine.

Semi-Automatic-Black-Garlic-Can-Seamer-Machine Black-Garlic-Storage-Basket

Specification of Black Garlic Fermenting Machine

Model Box-dimension Dimension Fresh Garlic Black Garlic
mm mm
RM-BGF80 800*600*850 1350*1150*1950 80kg 40kg
RM-BGF155 1000*800*1000 1450*1300*2100 155kg 77.5kg
RM-BGF190 1000*1000*1000 1470*1400*2100 190kg 95kg
RM-BGF380 2000*1000*1000 2600*1400*2100 380kg 190kg
RM-BGF500 2000*1000*3000 2700*1300*3500 500kg 260kg
RM-BGF1000 2000*2000*3000 2700*2300*3500 1000kg 500kg
RM-BGF2000 2300*2200*3500 3000*2500*4000 2000kg 1000kg
RM-BGF3000 3000*2000*4000 3700*2300*4500 3000kg 1500kg
RM-BGF4000 4000*2000*3700 4700*2300*4200 4000kg 2000kg
RM-BGF5000 4000*2000*4500 4700*2300*5000 5000kg 2500kg
RM-BGF6000 4000*2200*4800 4700*2500*5300 6000kg 3000kg
RM-BGF7000 4300*2000*5500 5000*2500*6000 7000kg 3500kg
RM-BGF8000 4300*2200*5500 5000*2500*6000 8000kg 4000kg
RM-BGF9000 4800*2500*5000 5500*2800*5500 9000kg 4500kg
RM-BGF10000 5000*2500*5300 5700*2800*5800 10000kg 5000kg
RM-BGF11000 5000*2500*5800 5700*2800*6300 11000kg 5500kg
RM-BGF12000 5000*2500*6240 5700*2800*6740 12000kg 6000kg


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